Denver Wine Event - Rose Wine tasting
Event Details:   Where there’s a will, there’s a rosé!


Wednesday, Apr 27, 2022


6:00 PM


$38 per ticket



From its elegant pink tinge to its invigorating taste at a wedding or bachelorette party, rosé wine turned out to be the “it” wine over the past few years. Any sign of fading? Nope!


Despite its popularity on social media and its appeal as a backyard party beverage, a lot of people have never heard of rosé. Most people even believe that this blushy, refreshing drink is a new style of wine when, in fact, it has been there for much longer than most people think. Other typical misconceptions regarding rosé include the assumption that it’s always too sweet (Fact Check: Rosé wines can also be dry.)


Curious about its fresh and fruity flavor? Check out our   Rosé Wine Tasting this April 27, 2022 (Wednesday). Here, you’ll learn that rosé is so much more diverse than you think.




Event details: Wine & Chocolate Pairing: Discover that Perfect Sweet Spot!


Wednesday, May 11, 2022


6:00 PM


$54 per ticket



Soft, velvety, and silky wines are chocolate’s best mate. Both chocolate and wine can have dry, intense flavors that make you forget that off day you had. Simply add a bittersweet cocoa truffle to a robust red wine with a lot of tannins and your taste buds will definitely overload.


Still, waiting for someone? No need! With Blanchard’s Wine & Chocolate Pairing Event, you won’t even notice you haven’t brought anyone. Or maybe, just maybe, you’ll find someone here to go to the next pairing event.


Pairing Menu:


  • Lemonade Truffle + Chardonnay
  • Burnt Passionfruit + Rosé of Grenache
  • Salted Caramel + Pinot Noir
  • Mexican Chocolate + Syrah




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