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Colorado Wines: The Next Big Thing

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Colorado Wines When it come to wine regions in the world, Colorado probably doesn’t come to mind. With places like Italy, Spain, Portugal, Chile, California, and France dominating, Colorado vineyards have some tough competition. Being new to the industry, Colorado wines find it hard to compete against wine regions that have been famous for many years.   Regardless of the competition, Colorado wines are up and coming. In fact, Colorado has an advantage. Since it’s so new, it might be more exciting than the Napa and Sonoma Valley wines that we are all too familiar with. How Many Vineyards are in Colorado? The amount of Colorado vineyards may seem sparse, but this isn’t the case. Colorado currently has nearly 60 […]

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Charitable Bottles of Wine

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Charitable Bottles What could be better than purchasing great wine that makes donations with each sale? If you’re interested in giving back, consider drinking more charitable wine! In a brilliantly convenient move, wine labels and charities are teaming up to give everyone what they want: wine and a better world. Listed below are 3 wines you can purchase that support worthy causes. Dreaming Tree Wines Co-founded by musician Dave Matthews, The Dreaming Tree promotes sustainable and environmental efforts. Their wine list include Crush Red Blend, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay. For every bottle sold, a portion goes to environmental conservation groups such as The Wilderness Society and Living Lands & Waters. On top of the donations, the wines set […]

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Buying Great Wine on a Budget

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The holiday season is upon us, the time of year for friends, family, food — and wine. While several wines can be quite expensive, you do not need to purchase an expensive bottle to enjoy great wine. The price of a wine does not dictate its taste or value. Buying great wine on a budget requires patience, research and different buying techniques. Shopping by region and in bulk allows you to drink wine that’s friendly on the finances. Below you’ll find how to buy wine on a budget so you can prepare for your upcoming holiday festivities. REGION MATTERS Some wine regions give you a lot more bang for your buck than others. Look for wines from Slovenia, Southern Italy and the […]

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Colorado Mountain Winefest Giveaway

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Colorado Mountain Winefest To celebrate Colorado Mountain Winefest’s 26th Year, Mile High Wine Tours will be doing a giveaway! First place is a free wine tour for two in Denver. Second and third place prizes will be a wine tasting for two at Wild Women Wine Winery.  We will be drawing names at random to announce the winners the weekend of the event. The “Festival in the Park” takes place on Saturday, September 16, 2017. This is the state’s largest and oldest wine festival featuring Colorado wineries, live music, a grape stomp, chef demonstrations & seminars. If you are interested in attending the Colorado Mountain Winefest, click here to purchase tickets. We hope to see you there!

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Colorado Wine Country Attractions

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Colorado Wine Country Art, culture, museums, family attractions, and of course, guided wine tours are all part of the Colorado wine country experience. When traveling to one of Colorado’s wine country destinations, you’ll be sure to find an activity that will please your entire group. If you’re looking to spend a day near Palisade or Grand Junction, we have the perfect guide for you to follow! MORNING Start your day in Palisade at Clark Family Orchards to get a taste of Colorado’s famous Palisade peaches right near the source. If you’re planning to go on a Saturday, catch a wagon ride through the orchards. Here you will get to see branches filled with plums, pears and cherries. Afterwards, take a peaceful Palisade River Trip on […]

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Exploring Colorado Appellations

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Colorado Appellations Colorado may be best known for an array of craft breweries, but the state also produces more and more wine each year. Wine is likely not the first thing you think of when you hear Colorado, but winemakers in this state are hoping to change that. Colorado wine definitely contains quality ingredients, coming from the areas best designated regions. According to Colorado Wine, more than 125 wineries crush grapes from more than 1,000 acres of grapes and the state’s wine industry is growing. There are specific regions called appellations where Colorado wineries obtain their grapes. Colorado appellations are amongst some of the highest in the world! WHAT IS AN APPELLATION? The term appellation refers to the place where the grapes grow. Many […]

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Colorado Wine Festivals in September

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Colorado Wine Festivals Colorado offers a wide variety of different food and wine establishments that are sure to please each and every attendee. Throughout each year, Denver and its surrounding areas host several food and Colorado wine festivals. In the upcoming month of September, there’s a festival almost every weekend. Plan your weekend around one of these delicious events, which almost always include live entertainment, cooking demos and artwork for purchase.   A TASTE OF COLORADO: Sept. 1-4, 2017 More than 60 local Coloradan favorite restaurants, food trucks, and food establishments will gather at the festival, featuring small portions to full meals. Wineries appearing at the event include Colterris Wine, Red Fox Cellars, Talon Wine Brands and Carlson Vineyards. In addition, […]

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Labeling Laws of the Wine World

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You can’t just make wine and slap a label on it. While you may buy wine based on what the label looks like (we’ve all been there), there’s more to the label than you may realize. Every wine region has to follow a certain set of laws and regulations that dictates the wine making and labeling in their region. The same can be said for liquor stores and wine shops. If it’s not regulated, it can’t be sold. It’s easy to go to a wine shop and find a bottle of cabernet sauvignon, but the process is more complicated for the winery and wine shop itself.   One of the most well known wine laws is in France; only champagne […]

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A Palisade Weekend of Wine

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Imagine a weekend where you can go from winery to winery surrounded by acres of vineyards; there’s wine everywhere you look. Sounds like it could be California, right? Fortunately for you, this can be a wine weekend getaway in Palisade, CO. Palisade is a hidden gem for wine lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Located on the Western Slope, there are so many wineries to explore and things to do. It’s a great place to spend time as a family or get together with a group of friends. While there is no bad time to visit Palisade (especially when we’re all about the 300+ plus days of sunshine Colorado has to offer), their peak season usually lasts from May to October, […]

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Wine…It’s What’s For Dinner

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Feat. Merlot   Merlot originated in Bordeaux, France and is the most widely planted grape in France, even ahead of the ever so popular cabernet sauvignon (with whom it shares a father – cabernet franc). The first merlot grape was used in a Bordeaux wine blend with cabernet sauvignon in the 1700s. Though the grape blends well with cabernet sauvignon to produce world-class Bordeaux blends, it is also great as a single varietal. It was American growers in California who first discovered and appreciated the blend as a stand alone varietal. Merlot is an easy to drink wine with low tannins. It has flavor profile consisting of cherry, plum, licorice, and hints of chocolate. Merlot is a perfect wine for […]

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