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Do more than toast with Champagne this year!

by Epiphinae McClennon

Pop! Funny how a bottle of fine Champagne promotes the gathering of family and friends eager to hear the popping of the cork while at the same time avoiding being struck by it. The bubbly goodness is divided up  amongst the party goers as you all laugh and cheer. A good Champagne is your game changer. This year, let the bubbly meet all your party needs. It can play the star role for every dish this holiday season. You can use it for a traditional New Year’s toast or pair it with a sweet treat at the end of a meal. Here is a guide to finding a wine that works best for you.  

While sparkling wine is made in almost every winemaking country, the most iconic and revered sparkling wine has to be Champagne. It gets is name exclusively from the Champagne region of France.Wine Country tells us the double fermented wine was cultivated by the Romans as early as 400 A.D. Today, those same vineyards adorn the beautiful hills and plains of the region spanning over 76,000 acres.  


The traditional mimosa is a combination of champagne and orange juice. It’s hard to lose with this classic drink. One of our favorite recipes come from Wicked Spatula. The cranberry orange mimosa is a perfect flavor combination for any holiday celebration. The secret to a perfect mimosa is in the chill factor. Rachel Ray stores her champagne flutes in the freezer prior to serving. Another tip for winning mimosas every time would be to add the orange juice first and gradually add the bubbles to avoid access foaming. Check out Country Living for some additional recipes that take a walk on the wild side. Thank us later. 


Sparkling wines created using the reduction method tends to be lighter on the palate. Sparkling wine made with this style also comes out tasting lean with flavors of flowers, fresh apple, tropical fruit, lime and lemon zest. Food and Wine tells us that a more brut(or dry) sparkling wine will go best with your fish and poultry dishes. Check out one of our favorite glazed chicken recipes here. A good Blanc de Blanc pairs nicely with your fattier and saltier food as potato chips, popcorn,  and other deep fried snacks. We are really digging this Parmesan and Pecorino Popcorn recipe found on Food Network.  


When paring your bubbly goodness with a sweet treat, you want to chose a wine that will not be as sweet as the dessert you are serving it with. The sweetness in a sparkling wine is determined by the dosage, which is added after the wine finishes second fermentation in the bottle. The less sugar in your sparkling wine, will let you know if the dessert is too sweet because it can make the wine seem more acidic. Creme brûlée’s rich texture is a great compliment. Here is a creme brûlée recipe from the Pioneer Woman that is to die for. 

Do not limit what your bubbly is capable of this year because there is so much you can do!

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