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By: Allie Kohler



I’m looking at you, Franzia fiends.


Maybe you’re a part of the tailgate junky, house party having, backyard barbecue devotees whose get-drunk-quick fix is holding a large plastic bag of sweet wine above your mouth, slapping said bag repeatedly while guzzling down its contents straight from the nozzle. 


Maybe you’re bag slapping days are now far behind you, and you just want a nice wine to sip on while binge watching Netflix after a long day of adulting. 


Maybe you’re not much of wine drinker at all but want to bring something to that thing you were invited to, and the super cheap, mega sized box of Franzia seems like a solid choice. 


Coming in at about $13.99-18.99 for five liters of wine, I get the appeal. That being said, there’s better boxed wine to slap the bag with, sip on or show up to that thing you were invited to with.


For around just seven dollars more than your current box of Franzia, you can upgrade your boxed wine game to the very top. Take a look at these ten boxed wines to keep in mind for your next wild night out or quiet night in. 



  1. Bota Box Nighthawk Black Red Blend: “Lush flavors of deep berry, fig jam, dark chocolate, toasted marshmallow and baking spice, this smooth, full-bodied wine culminates in a juicy, lingering finish.” Not to mention, this wine came in at an impressive #2 on Wine Enthusiast’s  Top 100 Best Buys 2016. *$17.99/3.0L 

    Bota Box Nighthawk Black Red Blend
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  2. La Vieille Ferme Blanc: “Fruity, crisp and soft with great body. A wonderful “enjoyment” wine!” *$20.99/3.0L

    La Vielle Ferme Blanc
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  3. Black Box Riesling: “Off-dry sweetness and flavors of tangerine and apples, ending with a refreshing finish.” *$18.99/3.0L

    Black Box Riesling
    Photo Courtesy
  4. Bota Box Redvolution Red Blend: “Flavors of dark fruit, cherry and toasty oak, this smooth, full-bodied wine culminates into a juicy, well-balanced finish.” *$17.99/3.0 L

    Bota Box Redvolution Red Blend
    Photo Courtesy
  5. Fish Eye Pinot Grigio: “Ripe peach and tropical fruit.” Author’s recommendation for slapping the bag. *$14.99/3.0L

    Fish Eye Pinot Grigio
    Photo Courtesy
  6. House Wine Chardonnay: “Aromas of creamy apple backed by citrus introduce mouth-filling, sumptuous flavors of peach and ripe Asian pear, complemented by hints of toasty vanilla. The wine finishes crisply with a burst of pineapple.” *$17.99/3.0L

    House Wine Chardonnay
    Photo Courtesy
  7.  La Vieille Ferme Rouge: “La Vieille Ferme has been acknowledged as one of the best value for money wines in the world.”  *$20.99/3.0L

    La Vieille Ferme Rogue
    Photo Courtesy
  8. Bota Box Sauvignon Blanc: “Juicy Flavors of ripe nectarine, melon and lime zes.” *$17.99/3.oL

    Bota Box Sauvignon Blanc
    Photo Courtesy
  9. The Naked Grape Moscato: “A flavorful and clean sweet that always delights.” Also great for slapping the bag. $17.99/3.0L

    The Naked Grape Moscato
    Photo Courtesy
  10. Bota Box Cabernet Sauvignon: “Supple and juicy with rich flavors of red currant, black fruit compote and spice on the finish.”$17.99/3.0 L

    Bota Box Cabernet Sauvignon
    Photo Courtesy

See? There’s a big, beautiful world of boxed wine out there waiting for you.

Just put the Franzia down, and step away slowly. 

Happy slapping and sipping. Cheers!




All prices are subject to vary based on state and location.
 *prices listed are based on lowest online price listing at Davidsons Liquors.
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