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Denver Convention Corporate Wine Tour - Mile High Wine Tours

Top 10 Denver Holiday Corporate Party Venues and Ideas

Holiday company events are important since they can boost company morale, cohesiveness, and competitive spirit in the workplace. It also increases productivity levels after de-stressing. Moreover, it is a fantastic way to show your clients and staff your appreciation for helping you in accomplishing the company’s mission and goals.

Most common holiday company event ideas can be done on-site at your organization or corporate premises. But, if you’re thinking of a more elaborate event; a day tour, dinner at a restaurant, hotel, or resort with overnight stays, then this is the way to go. Whatever you choose from our list below, we’re sure you’ll love it!

Check out this list for your corporate Christmas party planning or any holiday celebration with staff.  Holidays are a great chance to plan a corporate holiday party or team-building activities for your staff.  Here you will find a list of the top corporate Christmas party venues to get you started.  Also, find Corporate Holiday event packages to make your planning even easier.

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Great venues for Christmas Corporate events or any other Corporate holiday event

1. Denver Bontanic Gardens

It is one of the top botanic gardens in the United States. Rich in plants flowers and nature where soul, celebration, and nature come together to hold amazing events and presentations. A great place for a walk but also to bring your group together and connect with each other on an organized event or just on a regular visit.  Such a presence in the place can be felt through its amazing energy.


Learn more about Denver Botanic Gardens

denver botanic gardens

2. Wine Corporate Party Event

If you are looking for something fun to do with your staff with drinks and food.  Why not try a wine tasting with food and activities? Whether wine tasting room, a wine-tasting tour, or a visit to a great winery during the day.  This activity will be a highlight of a great team-building experience.  Dinner with wine, a tour through different wineries and bars, or a day out on the grape fields of a local winery. 


Learn more about the Wine Corporate Event

Denver Convention Corporate Wine Tour - Mile High Wine Tours

3. Irish Rover Pub

Located on south Broadway in a historic baker bringing to Denver an Irish vibe. If you are looking for drinks and snacks, finger food, or a main dish. This place can bring it together for you.  Delight your staff with the different beers this place has to offer whether draft or bottled, there is one for everyone. 


Learn more about Irish Rover Pub Denver Venue

Irish Rover Pub Denver

4. Balistreri  Winery

Family-owned and run with the taste of Colorado culture and a blend of its land grapes. A great place to have a day or night event with your company.  Whether a company dinner, a team building, or just a reason to bring the staff together, this place is perfect.  Come and taste the different wine blends and enjoy the wine pairings that this winery has to offer.  Perfect for any type of event from live music, game planning, company presentations, and conferences.  


Learn more about Balistreri Winery

Balistreri vineyard vnue

5. Mile High Station

Another unique venue that offers a great atmosphere for groups and individuals who seek a fun place for drinks or events. Located in the center of Denver and ready to receive you with a smile.  A place that can be decorated to your every need and still hold its uniqueness. A historic structure one a place of work for many ironworkers that still keeps its history in mind through its architecture. Jet with a touch of modern decoration with personalized chandeliers and a mezzanine for a great cocktail party.  


Learn more about Mile High Station.

mile high station venue

6. Golden Puzzle Room

Family-owned venue and a great place for team building activities with escape room activities.  Puzzles developed by owners and scape rooms developed for team building events. Taking about 60 mins to search for clues and solve the puzzles. 


Learn more about Golden Puzzle Room

golden puzzle room venue

7.  The Moss Denver

With handpick specialist to host your corporate holiday event.  This venue offers an urban feeling with three different floors but yet each one is unique.  With wood floors to hide and plan games to create a mystery and unique team-building event.   Mixing together the culture of Colorado, the industrial and the classical together.  Just a magical venue to have a perfect holiday event come true.


Learn more about Moss Denver.

moss denver corporate venue

8. Denver Distillery

A very special venue offering handcrafted spirits belonging to the local culture of Denver.  Located in south Broadway bringing to you from grain to glass spirits made from local grains.  From sweet potatoes to rocky mountain snowmelt and artisan yeasts, you will taste the richness of the local culture in Denver. 


Learn more about Denver Distiller venue.

Denver Distillery venue

9. Blanchard Family Wines

A family-owned winery founded by two brothers with a great passion for wine. Yet another great place for events and a taste of Colorado with local grapes and handcrafted wine to choose from. Dedicated to the limited production of artisan wines make it a special place to host your event.


Learn more about Blanchard Family Winery.

10. Dave and Busters

A day of games with dave busters in Denver colorado with a large arcade or on their virtual reality.  A place where people also come to enjoy sports games on a 40ft wall surrounded by a high-quality sound to make a great game night. If you are thinking of planning an event this is another great place for a fun gathering with your staff. 


Learn more about Dave and Busters.

dave and busters denver

This list should make your planning a bit easier on choosing your Christmas party venue or for any corporate holiday party.  



How do I make a holiday party?

  • First, figure out what the majority of your staff is interested in and you can narrow things down.
  • Second, find the venue or venues that can offer or host the type of event your team enjoys.
  • Third, make sure the venue can hold the number of people attending as some venues also host walk-ins and other groups.
  • Fourth Reserve time to assure availability.


Where do I host a holiday party?

There are different venues to choose from, depending on the interest of the group or staff.  Above you have a list of some of the top holiday party venues in Denver.  It’s easier to satisfy everyone if there is a large common interest like wine drinking or gaming. 


What to do for a holiday corporate party?

Games are a great way to bring your team together and develop team-building abilities.

A wine tasting or distillation is another good way to connect with your coworkers as you get to mingle outside work and plan some activities within the event, activities that can bring groups together like card games and social games.

You can also contact us here to help with your planning and coordination of a perfect holiday party! 

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