Corporate Team Building Ideas

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Team Building Wine Tasting Ideas Denver Wine Tours

Thinking of having a creative corporate event or team building activity? Why not have one involving wine?!

Here are some of the huge benefits of having regular company events for your team.

  • They are proven to increase staff engagement.
  • Improvement of communication and teamwork
  • Increase in employee satisfaction
  • Foster collaboration and creativity
  • Fun and motivational
  • Socializing networking and getting to know each other for better performance at work.

Although we regularly run winery tours, wine educational events and activities we host our own in-house team building events with wine! Here are a few team building wine tasting ideas to make a successful wine company event that we have used in the past!

Blind Wine Tasting
Mile High Wine Tours Blind Wine Tasting Corporate Event

This is a fun game for any company party. You simply choose 5 to 10 bottles of wine and covered them so your guests don’t know which wines are underneath. You could have them guess the varietal or something simpler if not everyone in the group is knowledgeable about wine.

Leave a notebook out for your guests to write down their guesses. A better idea is to create teams may be of two or three people to work together and figure what wines they are tasting. At the end of the game the prize could be a bottle of wine or something else. This will entice your staff to communicate with each other and increasing their memory to remember the taste of each wine (unless they drink to much).

Wine Blending
Mile High Wine Tours Company Wine Blending Event

This is an activity directed to groups to create their own wine by mixing the variety of wines by taste, This helps the teams work together with the incentive of keeping a bottle of wine to take home from their blending. Many wineries allow custom wine labels as well which would be fantastic to gift to your corporate guests. Wild Women Winery has a great set up to design your own batch of wine and put your own company custom labels on the bottles. Check them out  Wild Women Winery Wine Blending.

Wine Tasting for Beginners

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In this activity, guests are shown the ABC’s of wine tasting so that they can learn as a group the basic wine tasting knowledge. For example, with our usual wine education corporate events we go on-site to a company’s location and do an initial wine tasting and education session. This is followed by a three-course food and wine pairing. Some of the topics that are covered are:

  • How to Properly Taste Wine – what to look for (if it is corked)
  • Core Structure of Wines – how acidity and tannins influence food
  • Reds vs Whites – What compliments what (wine and food pairings)
  • Progressive Wine vs Singular Wine – A different wine for each phase of the meal or one wine for all.
  • Price Points – Myths and mark-ups
  • Age of Wine – Pros and cons (what to be aware of when ordering an older bottle)
  • Safe Bets – What are the safe wines for any occasion.

Check out our corporate event page for more information. Mile High Wine Tours Denver Corporate Events

Smell Wine Workshop

Like tasting this activity is meant to focus on the smell of each wine and guess which wine each person is smelling. Moreover, this could be set up into teams as well as people communicate and work together to guess which wine is the one that the blindfolded person is smelling.

That’s all from us! We wish you a fun time on your next company party!

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Taylor Bishop says:

18 June, 2018 at 7:31 am

Thanks for these team building wine tasting ideas. I kind of like the idea of a blind wine tasting, especially by letting guests try to figure out what the wine is. It seems like a fun way to not only socialize but also try a variety of different wines.


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