Best Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Mile High Wine Tours has been creating unique bachelorette party experiences for over 4 years in the Denver area. Since we hear a lot about what the best things to do in Denver as a bachelorette we decided to feature the best Denver bachelorette party ideas in the city.

Weddings are truly beautiful events. Any wedding can be made even better with pre-wedding celebrations the bride-to-be and her best girls. If you’re in Denver and are wondering where to even start. We’ve got you covered. Here are our suggestions for the best Denver bachelorette party ideas.

1. One of the Best Denver Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Wine Lover Bride

Mile High Wine Tour has special tour packages for the lovely bride and her girls! It will indeed be an interesting event when your bachelorette party will be hosted by Denver’s top wine tour company. You’ll relax and we’ll take the pressure off from planning or coordinating anything. You’ll have a lovely time sipping your favorite wine while we serve a sumptuous gourmet course, chat with your girls and learn more about Denver’s Urban wine scene. You and your girls will taste 30 different wines in 3 different urban winery locations.

We also offer a choice of lunch and dinner options to pair your lovely wine with. And the best part, you and your girls have a luxury transportation with your own chauffeur and guide so that you’ll enjoy your party from start to finish. See? Having a Denver bachelorette party is truly perfect! Check out our tour packages here. We even have a champagne package for all any bride and group who loves bubbles!

2. Bachelorette Party Ideas for the Foodie Bride

Denver also has some local food tours organized for the food lover bride. Denver’s homegrown restaurants offer the freshest locally sourced ingredients to make your mouth water. It is surely a tasty way to explore the city while with your girlfriends. Everything should be done in moderation though. It would be quite the feat to fit into your dress on your big day when you overindulge on too many of the delicious food Denver has to offer. Definitely check out some of the food tours here.

3. Spa Day for the Bride

Another one of the best Denver bachelorette party ideas is to have an R&R or spa day. The great thing about this is, you can stay in the heart of the Mile High City if you have it in one of Denver’s hottest hotels. Yes, you read it right! And why not? You’ll have all you need in one place plus if you want to extend your day party into the night, in fact, a lot of Denver urban wineries, bars, restaurants and even distilleries are located just a block away from these hotels. Here are some of Denver’s hotels offering a full-service spa and salon.

4. How about a Naughty Bachelorette Party?

There’s one theme a bachelorette party has that is really never overlooked. It has to have a naughty vibe. Of course, when you say goodbye to being a Ms. and saying hello to Mrs. in a few days, your best girlfriends have a lot of raunchy things up their sleeves. Some prepared guests can also give the bride-to-be with saucy lingerie set and other NSFW accouterments that is sure to spice everything up.

Don’t know where to start? Check out these listings for more info to shop for your risque’ paraphernalia to send off the bride (if you’re one of the bride’s girlfriends) or the bride herself looking to turn the tables on friends.

After having your gears ready, why not take the party to a more intimate setting where the bride-to-be can open your gifts and freely blush to her heart’s’ content.
Mile High Wine tours hope that this article helped you whether you’re the bride or a desperate maid of honor looking for some of the best Denver bachelorette party ideas. Good luck and party on!

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