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Allie Kohler

Every day is a Rosé kind of day. From its fun and sophistication to its character and class, this wine will always come ‘before anything else’. Here’s thirteen reasons and ways to love Rosé.

 1. Rosé is like, really pretty.

First and foremost, Rosé is just downright aesthetically appealing. It’s pretty, it’s pink and just the bottle itself could serve as a tasteful, decorative center piece. Forget the fuss of fancy tablecloths and adorned dinnerware; Rosé covered it all for you.

2. It’s the best choice for indecisive wine drinkers.

Making decisions is hard, agreed? Can’t decide between if it’s a red kind of night or a white kind of night? Forget them both and make it a pink kind of night. Okay but don’t be an amateur. Rosé isn’t a mix of red and white wine, but rather is most often the uncolored juice of a red grape that has been macerated (soaked) with the skin of a red grape, turning it pink. Longer soaking=darker pink. Now you know.

3. It pairs well with pretty much any food.

Rosé and food get along really well. Sticky, saucy, summer barbeque and crisp dry Rosé were made for each other. Don’t believe it? Try it. Looking to turn up the heat with a spicy dish? Pair it with a medium dry Rosé. Seafood night? A Provencal Rosé or something similar in style is your go to. Got that?


4. It easily makes you the hostess with the mostest (or host)

Impressing wine snobs has never been easier. Rosé comes in a surprisingly large variety of styles due to its many different regions and grapes. From the dry and acidic to the tart and sweet, you’ll have no problem finding one that’s an absolute crowd pleaser.


5. Rosé is a budget’s best friend.

You can keep your cash and your class while sipping on satisfying Rosé. There are tons of low cost, high quality options to choose and many would argue that there is no need to spend more than $15.00. I would have to agree, with an all time favorite being the J.L. Quinson Côtes de Provence Rosé available at Trader Joe’s for only $7.99. 

6. It’s an easy drinking beverage.

Rosé is a strong, independent wine that doesn’t need any food to complete her. Though admittedly Rosé pairs beautifully with food, a cold Rosé can be enjoyed just as well alone. Maybe even a little too well. But hey, I’m not here to judge. Do you boo boo.

7. It can be totally Glinda-fied.

Like Glinda arrives in her pink bubble to greet the munchkins of Munchkinland, so too can  Rosé arrive in her very own pink bubbles of perfection to greet your little tastebuds. Try to be like the Good Witch of the South and buy a sparkling Rosé from the south, the south of France that is. From Provence. It’s a Provencal Rosé. Have I said it enough? Just…just do it, okay?

8. Because Rosé can be mixed with champagne to make the holy grail of wine beverages.

There comes a time in life, like in late August, when it seems that Rosé’s season has come to an end. But just you wait, because Rosé has made a triumphant campaign for year long drinkability right down the champagne aisle. This is a game changer because champagne, of course, isn’t just for Thanksgiving or New Years. Like Rosé, Champagne is cold, refreshing and pairs well with just about anything, making the combination of Rosé and Champagne pure genius. But please, be sure to get one from Champagne, France. Anything else is not Champagne and not as fabulous and maybe not ~so~ fit for popping open on any occasion.

9. There’s a fool proof way to order a good Rosé at most good restaurants.

No, it can’t be. It’s too soon, you say, too soon! The waiter is coming and they’re coming to take your drink order. You open the massive wine list, panic ensues, screaming internally. *Why is there an entire book? Are these even words? Gewürztra-what?! Oh great. Here they come. I don’t know what to do, I’m about to look so stupid I don’t know what to –* Hey. You. Yeah, you. Snap out of it. Say it with me. Say: pro-vahn-sahl. Say: rohz-ay. Altogether now! “I’ll have a glass of the Provencal Rose.”  Mic Drop. Nailed it. Works every time.

10. It’s the perfect gift.

The gift of wine is the most perfect gift of all, especially when it’s a bottle of Rosé. Some bottles even come with the bottom glass carved into a blooming rose, or maybe its’ label adorned with gorgeous flowers. Plus, Rosé is unanimously delicious. So whether it’s gifted to your bestie, frenemy, mother-in-law, etc., you’ll walk away as their absolute favorite, whatever it is that you are, even if just for a day.


11. It’s not like Rosé is just for girls or something.

So what if it’s pink. If he likes his wine dry then a Provencal Rosé is just for him. If he likes wine sweet, or basically just wants fruit juice with alcohol, opt for a White Zinfandel or a Blush if you must. Even though those ~in my opinion~ are more like Rosé’s cheap cousin who tries to copy her look, but could never replicate her fine style and taste. Regardless, it’s the small victories that win the war, and now you have a wine to agree on. You’re welcome.

12. Rosé can be transformed. You’ve been warned.

With flavors of “strawberry, honeydew melon, rose petal, citrus zest and rhubarb“; Rosé lends itself perfectly to an admittedly overwhelming but totally exhilarating number of mixed drinks, frozen treats and so much more. Try to contain yourself. Or don’t. Permission to go overboard? Granted.

13. Of course, there is a National Rosé Day to honor Bae.
Mark your calendars, because every year on the day before Labor Day we celebrate Rosé’s special day and honor our #1 prettiest, classiest, most perfect best friend of all the wine varietals.

So however you enjoy it, with whomever you enjoy it with, perhaps just yourself, or with friends or your special friend. Whether you sip it, chug it, mix it, pair it or gift it; never forget why Rosé is Bae. Cheers.

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31 August, 2016

I LOVED this!! MAde me Crave rosE…Well done!

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