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Top 11 things to do in Denver

Besides wine tasting tours. We wanted to share with you some of the top attractions and activities to do in Denver. This is our opinion, as well as, what our winery tour guests have consistently suggested in the past.

Stroll through Downtown

Stroll through Downtown

Denver’s downtown blends both a hipster and an urban chic vibe. Walk down through the 16th Street Mall to check out all of the shops, bars, and restaurants. You can even take the free shuttle up and down this colorful shopping mall and save some time. We also recommend checking out Denver’s Larimer Square (on Larimer & 15th) and experience Denver’s urban shopping and dining district. This street is filled with Victorian buildings, specialty boutiques and unique bars and restaurants including Corridor 44, Rioja wine bar among others.

Molly Brown House Museum

Molly Brown House Museum

The Molly Brown House Museum was constructed in 1889 by William Lang in Denver’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. Margaret and J.J. Brown purchased the home in 1894 after making their fortune in gold mining. It was in Margaret “Molly” Brown’s possession until her death in 1932. In 1970 Historic Denver, Inc. was organized to save the home from potential destruction. Historic Denver, Inc. purchased the Molly Brown House and opened it as a Museum. Aided by historic photographs taken during Mrs. Brown’s occupancy, Historic Denver has authentically restored the home to the opulence of turn-of-the-century Denver and Mrs. Brown’s lavish lifestyle. This museum has been quite a popular attraction for many of our wine tour guests. If you are interested in getting a historic view of Denver, then this is a must-see museum.



Stretch your mind and enjoy Denver’s fascinating museums and art galleries. You can brush up on your dinosaur studies at the Morrison National History Museum, or check out Denver’s Museum of Nature & Science to see the ever-changing exhibitions from across the world and even enjoy the IMAX experience or watch an astronomy exhibition at the planetarium. For those art lovers, the Denver Art Museum is the place to go. They offer free days the first Sunday of the month and feature many exhibits from floor to floor. Keep in mind that most of these museums take at least a few hours to enjoy most of their exhibitions but it is well worth it!

Denver Union Station

Denver Union Station

Had been the main railway station and central transportation hub in Denver for many years. It is located at 17th and Wynkoop Streets. This building first opened on June 1, 1881, with its present-day structure completed in 1914. Since 2012, it has undergone a huge renovation in order to redesign it as the centerpiece of a new transportation-oriented development meshed with the most elegant and premier restaurants and bars. In the summer of 2014, Denver’s Union Station opened its doors once again with the addition of the Crawford Hotel, several exclusive restaurants and retailers, and a picturesque train hall.

Denver’s Aquariaum

Denver’s Aquarium

Is home to more than 500 species of sea life under one million gallons of underwater exhibits and oceanic ecosystems. There is even an exciting interactive touch tank where it’s possible to touch stingrays and other cool sea creatures. There is so much to see and experience at this aquarium. However, after a long and fun day here you are bound to get hungry but don’t worry you can grab a bite at the aquarium’s restaurant, which is surrounded by a 50,000-gallon tank of mesmerizing colored tropical fish from all over the world.

Ski Diving Although

Ski Diving 

Although located in Longmont (45 mins from Denver), Mile-Hi Skydiving Center is Colorado’s TOP RANKED and biggest skydiving facility with more than 35,000 jumps made every year! It is unique because Mile Hi Skydiving is the only full-time skydiving operation within one hundred miles of the Denver and Boulder area. They also have the largest collection of full time twin-engine jet-prop airplanes within several states in the country. This makes Mile Hi Skydiving capable of producing 100s of jumps per day!

The Botanic Gardens This

The Botanic Gardens 

This is definitively one of our personal favorite destinations. The botanic gardens has 3 different locations across the city, the main one, Denver botanical gardens feature a large amphitheater used for summer performances, a conservatory, themed gardens, and ever-changing exhibits. It matters not whether you are a nature lover or just want to get away from the busy city life without leaving Denver, the Botanic Gardens are a must see.

Additions Worth Visiting On Your List For The Top Things To Do In Denver

Denver, the ‘Mile High City’ has been attracting the attention of tourists and relocating in recent years due to the outdoor adventure if offers, its great landscape, and its extensive ski trail during the winter. Since Colorado has been one of the first states to legalize the recreational consumption of Marijuana it has also been a big attraction for tourist and newcomers alike. Nevertheless, when you want to be active, snowmobiling, biking, and hiking Denver Colorado is the place to do so.

Most of the Denver activities happen outdoor. Skiing would be one of the most popular activities during the winter season and once the temperature rises the golf course and bicycle trails are packed with different people. During our warmer temperature months, there are a lot of options for you; you may enjoy the awe-inspiring view of the Denver attractions while riding a zip line. But you should not also forget visiting downtown Denver. It provides a different experience for people who love the culture and the arts.

Experience Denver’s Mountain Parks

You should not leave Denver without touring its Mountain Parks. Be amazed at the amazing sandstone formation at  Red Rocks. A little further and you will be reaching the Bear Creek Canyon where you will have a glimpse at the wildlife of Colorado. Seeing their wildlife live peacefully in a scenic mountain view is truly mesmerizing. If you want to experience outdoor activities in a more comfortable way, there are local tours with air-conditioned coach and guide that will explain the geology and history of the rock formation. You could also take a scenic drive through  Mountain Evans Scenic Byway. These are of course just a small fraction of outdoor attractions that Colorado has to offer.

Denver Art Museum

Denver Art Museum houses the largest collection of the Native American Art in the whole country. It has a unique architectural design that highlights the modern masterpiece. The interior layout of the place is as unique as its exterior design. It has a tendency to shape-shift due to the design and the light trick.

Cherry Creek Trail

For the tubers and kayakers or for those of you looking for a perfect place to have a picnic, Cherry Creek would be the place that you are looking for. A little farther to the south and you will reach a shopping center, Southwest and you will be heading to the Chatfield Reservoir. The Clear Creek Trail, on the other hand, is nestled on the northern area. These places are perfect for different Denver activities such as biking, hiking, and kayaking.

Take a Beer or a Wine Tour

Another fun activity in Denver is doing a beer or a wine tour. This city is well-known for its amazing brewery scene and in recent years the wine and food scene has also seen huge growth and improvement. For a beer tour we recommend the Denver Mrico Brewery Tour and if you are looking for a wine tour contact us for more information.

We invite you to enjoy these unique activities that Denver and Colorado have to offer; from the outdoor activities, cultural shows, wine tours, beer tours, and sporting events. Aside from its commitment to its outdoor activities, you will definitely be amazed on the scenic backdrop of the city.

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