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It’s time to call your friends or family because it’s time to make “pour” decisions! Start wining instead of whining. Palisade Colorado has mapped out all of the city’s finest wine bars for you. It’s time to go wine tasting at some of Palisade’s finest wine bars. 

  1. The Palisade Café & Wine Bar

  2. Caroline’s Restaurant

  3. Tapestry Lounge

  4. Pressed

  5. Palisade Brewery

  6. Peach Street Distillers

  7. 13 Brix Cider Bistro

  8. Talon Winery Bar

  9. The Palisade Livery Saloon

  10. Vines 79 Wine Barn

The Palisade Café & Wine Bar

palisade wine barThe Palisade Café & Wine Bar is the most recent version of the Palisade Café, which has been in the same location since the 1930s. This is owned by John Sabal and Marti Montoya, who have devoted their lives to the beautiful community of Palisade since they purchased an orchard here in 2003. This is a cozy eatery that serves the freshest farm-to-table ingredients anywhere, artfully prepared in an unpretentious cafe setting, as well as Palisade or Colorado wines.

Caroline’s Restaurant

caroline's restaurantCaroline’s more formal Victorian dining room focuses on fresh Colorado cuisine prepared in the classic French style. It is also an inn and Winery that provides food in the restaurant or as room service. This is located in Wine Country Inn, a wine cellar with local, American, and international selections.

Tapestry Lounge

tapestry loungeWine Country Inn also houses Tapestry Lounge. This is a laid-back bar near the lobby that serves drinks, beer, wine, and a small menu. There are vegetarian and outdoor seating choices at the tapestry lounge. All of their menu items would be well received by guests, particularly when paired with wine. 


Pressed is a well-known cafe and wine bar in Palisade. By day, it’s a coffee shop, and by night, it’s a cocktail lounge. The combination of coffee, cocktails, and CBD has resulted in a fantastic room. This is a family-friendly establishment that welcomes everyone who comes in to share space and delicious drinks! Weddings, bridal parties, baby showers, corporate functions, birthday parties, and other special occasions can be held here.

Palisade Brewery

palisade-brewingPalisade Brewing’s mission is to create outstanding beer. Palisade Brewery, located in western Colorado’s wine country, brews creative American-style beer while staying true to craft brewing’s traditional roots. This wine bar started brewing in 2010 under new ownership in the former Palisade Brewery facilities and site. This brewing house also accepts bookings for parties, weddings and other special occasions. 

Peach Street Distillers

peach-distillersPeach Street Distillers is based on Colorado’s Western Slope, where it takes advantage of the state’s ideal fruit-growing conditions to create some of the best-tasting spirits in the world. Rory Donovan founded Peach Street Distillers in 2005, making it the industry’s oldest. People who know and enjoy their craft, producing outstanding liquor from exceptional ingredients, have contributed to their success.

13 Brix Cider Bistro

bistro13 Brix is a modern cider and wine bistro that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner with local and old-world ingredients. This restaurant offers alcoholic beverages by the glass or bottle, with Forbidden Fruit Hard cider available in larger quantities for guests to enjoy at home. Their ciders are made with fruits sourced locally and nationally and are processed and bottled in Palisade, Colorado. 

Talon Winery Bar

Talon Winery is known for producing traditional grape-based wines. In addition to tasting tours, Talon Winery has an equestrian room with two Lexington and Shelbyville locations. This venue provides a one-of-a-kind, private event space for groups of up to 20 people. Bring food and decorations to personalize the space, and enhance your event with tastings, glasses, or bottles.

The Palisade Livery Saloon

The Palisade Livery Saloon is under new management and has a new look thanks to the bar and house owners’ renovations. Justin Meador is the general manager and one of the three new owners. The saloon is open daily at 11 a.m. and closes at midnight Sunday through Wednesday at 215 S. Main St. in Palisade. The saloon offers free popcorn and has a small pizza oven and serves wine, beer, and cocktails. It employs a total of seven individuals.

Vines 79 Wine Barn

vines-79The Vinelands, underneath the dramatic Book Cliffs and Grand Mesa, is home to Palisade’s newest Winery with a western flair. The property is known as Section 79 of the Palisade Vinelands, an apt name for Vines 79 Wine Barn. The tasting room at Vines 79 Wine Barn is decorated in a western theme, complete with a cowhide counter. This also includes traditional red wines made from grapes grown on-site.

Be sure to add these restaurants to your “must-try” lists, so you don’t miss out on your next trip to Palisade, Colorado.

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