Springtime Spritzer

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Hello Readers! I hope you are enjoying that springtime weather, I know I am. I am so ready for summer and all the warmth it brings; I’m over not being able to go anywhere without a coat. I myself am always cold, but since it is getting warmer out, I would like to share a story of how I discovered Wine Spritzers and Sangria. For most of my adult life, I always observed that red wine seemed to be for the cold season. You never drank that full-bodied Malbec on a hot day because the sun was meant for a crisp and cooling Moscato, right? True, but if you prefer red wines, you don’t have to forgo it just because […]

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13 Autumn Sangria Recipes To Fall For

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By: Allie Kohler Cinnamon, spice and everything you want in a fall sangria is all right here. Celebrating the autumn harvest, cooler weather and changing colors brings with it the best of sangria inspirations. After getting lost in, found and lost again in the maze of Pinterest fall recipes, from Caramel Apple to Fireball sangria and everything in between, I bring to you the top 13 autumn sangria recipes to fall for this season.   1. Caramel Apple Sangria: With caramel sauce, caramel vodka, sweet apples, cinnamon and white wine, this recipe makes the perfect adult beverage to commemorate our favorite childhood fall treat. (via 3 Yummy Tummies)   2. Autumn Sangria with Pinot Noir and Apple Cider: This simple, delicious five-ingredient recipe is […]

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Palisade Peach Sangria

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Allie Kohler What they say is true; Palisade really is the place where life tastes good all year long. Colorado’s peach and wine capital hosted the 25th Annual Colorado Mountain Winefest this past weekend, and for four days in the small town of Palisade the state’s largest wine festival hosted 50 local wineries, live music, food trucks, educational seminars, chef demonstrations and even a grape stomp.   In celebration of Palisade’s wildly successful fruit and festival season, I’m going to make the perfect end of summer beverage using only the best of its fruitful bounty for Palisade Peach Sangria.   The two focus ingredients for this sangria will be 100% Palisade sourced peaches and  wine. That’s right, the wine too.   Colorado Wine […]

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