Springtime Spritzer

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Hello Readers! I hope you are enjoying that springtime weather, I know I am. I am so ready for summer and all the warmth it brings; I’m over not being able to go anywhere without a coat. I myself am always cold, but since it is getting warmer out, I would like to share a story of how I discovered Wine Spritzers and Sangria. For most of my adult life, I always observed that red wine seemed to be for the cold season. You never drank that full-bodied Malbec on a hot day because the sun was meant for a crisp and cooling Moscato, right? True, but if you prefer red wines, you don’t have to forgo it just because […]

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Top Wine Bars in Denver

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Denver is known for its brewery industry and more recently for the many dispensaries that are all over town. The city’s wine and wineries are less known but have been on a rise of popularity. Denver is starting to become the perfect place for wine lovers.  It can be a wonderful place for any wine enthusiast or beginner with its non-pretentious social wine scene. The city offers good variety of wine venues and atmospheres. Corridor 44 Address: Larimer Square, 1433 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80202, United States Contact: (303)893-0044 Corridor 44 is best known for a hip and modern spot for cocktails, champagne, charcuterie, and shared plates. The reason why this bar is called corridor 44 is because its corridor or hall is 44 […]

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Colorado Summer Wines

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Allie Kohler It’s a sip of wine, it’s summertime Ah, sweet summertime. Here in Colorado we are in the prime of summer. The days are long and sunny, the nights are cool and relaxing, and best of all, a sip of chilled, sweet wine is perfect on any day for every occasion. Here are some delicious, cooling and refreshing Colorado summer wines that are sure to bring down the heat as the temperature rises. Red Silver Vines Winery Rocky Red ($13)   We all know that there is nothing better than a warming glass of red wine on a cold winter’s night, sipped in front of the fire place or in a steamy bubble bath, but don’t be too quick to […]

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Urban Wine Making in Denver

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Many times people are shocked to find wineries here in Denver. They are curious to know if there are vineyards or where the grapes come from. More importantly people are often times curious about the urban wine making process.   In a nutshell everything is crushed, aged and bottled here in Denver. Although, as we have often mentioned there are no vineyards here in Denver most of the grapes come from the Western Slope, Grand Junction and Palisade, CO. Harvest is not always good in this beautiful state so many times wineries bring in grapes from California. Ultimately for Denver and Colorado wine makers or vintners the goal is to make excellent hand-crafted wine. One of the most important variables if [...]

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