look swirl smell taste at Mile High Wine Tours in Denver Colorado

When it comes to wine tasting , most people think of it as a fun activity over the weekend . However since time immemorial wine tasting is not just an entertainment activity to bring people together . It is an art that has been studied and mastered by many .The art of wine tasting goes back to the 14th century ,when wine started being produced .Denver , Colorado has many a wine tasting session, educating crowds and helping them start their magnificent journey to becoming an acclaimed sommelier or just know what they are drinking !

So let’s take you through a little wine education feast

People who indulge in this art as a profession, to both taste and teach about this premiums beverage are known as Sommeliers. During the process of tasting wine a sommelier is able to identify a range of perceived flavors , aromas and other general characteristics of wine thus also being able to suggest the perfect wine to suit your palate or recommend the perfect wine with the choice of your food on a particular occasion.

Wines come in different aromas and flavors from Wine barrel aromas that smell of smoke . vanilla , chocolate espresso that are kept in new oak barrels and pick up the scents from them , to a grassy smelling grape scent like Sauvignon Blanc . Cabernet Sauvignon which is scented like herbs to young white wines and sparkling wines, which are also called dessert wines.

Photo of wine depicted as an art with paint graphics. Wine in Denver.WINE TASTING – AN ART

Wine tasting is usually done first evaluating with sight , sniff of the aromatic beverage , checking for the aroma and then by evaluating by taste .

Group guests wine tasting at mile high wine tours in Denver, Colorado.
Group of guests analizing the look of wine. 


While evaluating with sight or visually we check first if the to see that the glass is two third full.

Look down straight into the glass while you tilt the glass a little and then roll it to reach the edges. Doing this will allow you to see the proper color , this will also allow you to see the depth of the color which helps identify density and saturation of the wine .

Viewing the wine through the side of the glass when held in light will tell you how clear it is .

Tilting the glass will let you know the wines age and weight .

Guests smelling wine at a Mile High Wine Tours in Denver Colorado
Group of guests smelling red wine.


Just a few short sniffs at the top or rim of the glass should help you to identify the key wine fragrances . Slowly with practice you will be able to name all the herbs, fruits , flowers and other scents in your glass of wine.

look swirl smell taste at Mile High Wine Tours in Denver Colorado
look swirl smell taste at Mile High Wine Tours in Denver Colorado


Take a small sip and try to suck on it as if pulling through a straw. By doing this you are allowing your taste buds to determine how well balanced the wine is . How harmonious complex , evolved and complete that particular wine is .

Identifying and wine education done ,lets drink up and enjoy each flavor each aroma aged to perfection!

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