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A great company holiday party is not about the party itself, it’s a representation of what your employees mean to your organization. This is a wonderful way to say thank you to the people who make your business successful. It’s no surprise that companies that host a well-planned holiday party also retain more employees. To learn how to host a successful holiday party this year, follow our simple guideline below.


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company holiday partyWhy Host a Company Holiday Party?

  • Builds culture.
  • Boosts morale.
  • Helps you and your employees get to know one another.
  • Shows gratitude in a personal way.


The Company Holiday Party Checklist

  • Time

    The best time to hold an employee holiday party is probably during lunch hour. Unfortunately, not everyone may have the opportunity to participate in the event because some may have to continue working. A lunch hour event is cost effective and reduces the obligations on employees’ personal time.

    If your company prefers an evening event, more employees can attend. On the downside, choosing this time can often come with higher costs.

  • Choose a Team

    Choosing a team is essential to making your event a success with as little hassle as possible. A small group of individuals will likely make the planning more expedient and cost-effective. Select individuals for their ability to positively influence other employees and use the assignment as a reward or incentive for those chosen. The event planner should work with someone authorized to approve the plan to help drive these decisions.

  • company holiday partyMenu

    • Limit the fried foods. Guests enjoy refreshing tastes of garden-grown ingredients and lighter, healthier fare, rather than lots of fried food that is greasy and heavy.
    • Easy-to-eat foods. No one wants to look awkward or messy while eating, so a good idea for your company holiday party is making sure that all menu items are easy-to-eat.
    • Cheese. A fabulous artisan cheese platter allows for everyone to enjoy their own choice of cheese, fruit, charcuterie and breads.
    • Luncheon. Having your party over lunch hour allows for plated food or buffet style. It’s common to have two or three courses (salad, hot dish, and dessert, or a main course and dessert).
    • Formal dinner. If you choose to include a full dinner option at your event, it should include three courses (soup or salad, entrée and dessert). Keep your theme and the season in mind when choosing your dinner food items.
  • Gift Exchange

    Many companies include a gift exchange between employees at their holiday parties. It’s a good idea to have a financial cap to the gift, to avoid issues associated with gift pricing. Additionally, setting up a “white elephant” or similar type of gift exchange could help prevent occurrences where someone doesn’t receive a gift because another forgot to bring one.


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