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Wine tastings are becoming more and more popular as an activity for client appreciation or as a team building activity. Hosting a successful corporate wine tasting party will surely leave a lasting impression on your team or clients. But how do you know you’ve hosted a successful corporate wine tasting party? Easy. Check out our list of the most important things to consider when hosting this type of a corporate event.

Recently opened wineries are making the scene all over Denver, so it’s important to do a little homework before you go. Here are a few things to look into before you plan or choose your corporate wine tasting host. Thus, impress everyone in your business circle with these steps.

1. Firstly, Know Your Clientele’s Preferences

It all boils down to the kind of wine you and your peers like. With so many choices, you might want to plan your visit around a certain kind of wine. An example is to research which wineries make your palate satisfied. Of course, if you’re new to the wine-tasting circuit, it’s best to try them all and see which one fits your palate by going on a wine tour. Another thing to consider is that not everyone will like wine. For this situations, we suggest doing a mix of spirits, wine, and beer, similar to our Grapes, Hops and Good Spirits tour. This is the best way to take the guesswork out of your guests’ preferences.

2. Research the Basics

Make a list of wineries, figure out their hours of operation, when will their tours start and what is the best season or time of the year to visit. Also, consider how much the tour or tasting costs so you can plan accordingly, you don’t want to go over your budget. Things to consider when calculating your budget is; transportation, food (often the most expensive part of the tour), the wine tastings, and any gifts for your guests. Having a plan of action will make your corporate wine tasting party truly successful.

3. Variety is the Key

To make your corporate wine tasting party a success you’ll have to offer them variety by planning three to five stops. When creating your itinerary give them something that should take up at least half a day to cover all the stops. Also, consider travel time to and from each stop (especially to be in town for your reservations at each winery). Be sure to include a little extra time for shopping for some bottles. Surely, one or two of your peers will be tempted to take home a bottle or six.

4. Off Season and Peak Season

Most wineries in Denver are busiest during the summer and fall. If you want to have your corporate wine tasting during these seasons, starting your day a little earlier to avoid the afternoon rush is a wise idea. Especially if you are going with a large crowd. Winter and spring are usually considered an offseason. So if you want to give your clientele the privacy and unhurried party this might be a great choice. Also, although certain times may be “off-season” there are times that are busier due to the holidays such as in December.

5. Take an Empty Box with You

Each vineyard or winery stop surely has the perfect bottle of wine waiting for you. Probably, you’ll have the urge to take home a bottle or two of the wine you tasted. Make sure the bottles don’t roll around in your trunk and create a mess, take a box before you go.

6. Lastly, elect a Designated Driver


If you are choosing to opt-out of renting chauffeured transportation you should figure out who is going to be the designated driver before making the rounds from winery to winery. Most tours start and end with just a tasting. Some of the wineries you’ll tour will give you a bit more than a taste, and others will open up their entire tasting list for you. That’s a lot of wine! It’s nice to indulge but consider your safety first. Know your limits and do not put yourself or your peers in a dangerous situation.


If you think these steps are too much for you, here’s the ultimate solution.

Who says you can’t have a successful corporate wine tasting party in one packaged tour?


With Mile High Wine Wine Tours you’ll have hours of non-stop entertainment with a professional driver and wine expert tour guide. You’ll also enjoy a VIP experience and learn about winemaking directly from winery owners/winemakers. You’ll get to savor a delicious gourmet lunch or dinner at one of the wineries with your wine tasting. For example, our daytime tour includes tastings of over 30 different hand-crafted red & white wines and 10%-20% off any bottle of your favorite wine from the tour.

Now that is truly a successful corporate wine tasting party! Check out our website for tour dates and prices!

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