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Nothing says happy holidays like a good wine. Here are some ways to win with wine this season!

By Epiphinae McClennon

The time has come my friends. Yes, the holidays are among us and it is time to sprinkle your holiday magic. Whether it be impressing the in-laws with an aged red wine or wowing your guests with an infused dish, here you will find all you need to be victorious this holiday!

The Ultimate Gift 

You are steadily trying to avoid holiday shopping. Everything about Black Friday sales and endless checkout lines makes you uneasy about Christmas with the family. This year, use wine to impress your best friend, in-laws, and coworkers. An article from says that the one of the best ways to give wine as a gift is to be considerate. Use an experience to make your wine personal to who will receive it. Picking that buttery California Chardonnay to remind your parents of their first date is a great example of using a memory to make Christmas special. Something that reminds them of a vacation spot or choosing a wine that has special significance to your relationship (anniversaries, celebrations, etc.) is the way to win their heart. Once you have made a decision, wrap your wine in a nice bow with a sweet message and you are sure to leave a lasting impression!

The Haute Hostess

It is not easy being the supreme holiday hostess. You want to be recognized for your immaculate spiral ham, elegant place settings, and timeless center pieces. Take the extra step this year to find a nice wine to pair with your dinner line- up. Wine Folly has a Holiday Wine Guide that will help you to determine which wine will pair best with your holiday menu. A nice Rose wine paired with your classic roasted turkey will definitely win you extra kudos points with your guests. You can also pair a Moscato wine with your favorite holiday dessert to add a sweet finish to your dazzling evening. You have just gained supreme bragging rights for the next year! You’re welcome.

The Holiday Cook

It’s not easy competing with your coworker Carol and her to-die-for macaroni and cheese. Everyone talks about it like its the best thing that has ever happened to this world and your hard work goes unnoticed. Not this year! Be the star at the company potluck by stepping it up a notch. You usually make a side dish but this year make the turkey and use a good

wine to give it a flavor that will stand out. The New York Times has a recipe for a Turkey Breast with a wine-infused cranberry sauce that is sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Good luck and may the wine forces be with you!

23 November, 2016

Totally going to “wiNe-gift” this year. Thanks piph ?!

23 November, 2016

Great Write up !!! Happy HOLIDAYS ?

23 November, 2016

This is great! I will defin be using this!

23 November, 2016

I love this pIph! And i also lOve wine! ? Great article!

23 November, 2016

What great ideas! Thank you for the inspiration piph?

23 November, 2016

The wine infused cranberry sounds amazing! I know what ill be trying out this season!! Thanks

23 November, 2016

This is great! I’ll definitely be usIng this to impress some folks this holiday season! Thank you!!

25 November, 2016

I need wine wine wine nice article neice

25 November, 2016

Great tips! Eill defin be using them this seadon.

20 December, 2016


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