It’s not always easy finding an inexpensive wine with high quality flavor. But with these simple tips you will be able to have your wine and drink it too.

By Epiphinae McClennon

You deserve the finer things in life. But your new savings plan doesn’t always allow such luxury. We know its been hard staying in and bringing your lunch to work, so find solace in knowing that you don’t have to sacrifice your wine tastes when penny pinching. You can enjoy the bold and fruitful flavors of your favorite Pinot Noir or Cabernet Sauvignon even on a budget.

Perusing through your local liquor store can be overwhelming when searching for wine when you don’t know what your searching for. As you have enjoyed  different wines throughout the year the hope is that you kept a record of the ones that tickled your fancy. The Prosecco wine used for toasting at your cousin’s wedding and the New Zealand Riesling from your company party are among your faves.

Make A List. The holiday season is a great time to pull out any notes you may have about wines you’ve enjoyed over the year. Get Rich Slowly tells us the the best wine bargains start in November to get us ready for the holidays. Having an idea of what your looking for increases the likelihood of you getting the best deals.  Around this time you will find 30% percent off on twenty dollar bottles. Liquor warehouses as well as your local supermarket are valuable resources when it comes to catching a good price. You can benefit from buying your wine in bulk around this time to save.

Location. Location. Location. Knowing where your grapes are grown is an important step to finding the good wine deals that are sure to get you the bang for your buck. The region your wine comes from enhances the flavor based on climate, soil, and exposure to sunlight.  Due to California’s year-round good weather, warm climate wines such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grow well there. In instances such as that their productivity rates are higher and it will be easier for you to find an inexpensive wine that was made in California.

Be Open Minded. Times Magazine says not to be tied down to one grape varietal is a great way to save big time. You may have never thought of trying an Australian Shiraz but because their was a large amount of it produced this year you may find it at a good price. There are some great opportunity to embark on some sweet deals when you are not limiting yourself. For example, looking into some of the underrated areas of California such as Santa Barbara, Lake and Amador you may find a nice Pinot. If there is a new wine that you are interested in but not sure about wanting to pay full bottle price, look into finding a similar wine varietal from a near by region in a half bottle.  The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy wine! You deserve to treat yourself.

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9 December, 2016


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