Looking for a cozy yet hip wine bar downtown? Consider visiting  Wild Women Winery. Residing at the same location for over eight years, this winery is unique in organizational structure, location, and the delicious wines offered. Founded by Charlene Meriwether, Wild Women Winery is a woman’s business: by women and for women. Charlene explains the origin of the idea started under a franchise called “Lone Star Vino”  As the name suggests, this concept came out of Texas. However, since then, the winery has been rebranded to the Wild Women Winery we know today.


For the winery, they are fortunate enough to have an amazing location, making it a true gem. The winery is nestled between 16th street, and the 16th Street Mall, and 17th street on Champa. As Charlene points out, “Denver is rapidly growing and we are growing with it.” This location and this growth of the city has been positive for the development of the winery.


For Wild Women Winery, customization is key. Charlene explains how a customer wanted a “poblano pepper” characteristic in the wine.  Taking this unique request in stride, the winery created a wine with distinctive attribute that the customer absolutely loved. However, this is not the only aspect of customization that Wild Women Winery offers. One other unique feature is customers have the opportunity to customize their own logo. You could even put the label on the winery’s signature chocolate port—a delicious wine with a chocolate almond finish. Wine with the customized label is a great gift for the holidays.


Consider visiting Wild Women Winery. The ambiance, the knowledgeable and welcoming staff, the delicious wine, and, of course, the ideal location, is all the more reason to stop in and give this winery a try.



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