In a city with a thriving microbrew scene, there is a new trend that is quickly on the rise – Urban Wineries. As the name implies, these establishments make their own wines in and around Denver. While Denver may not be the most ideal location to grow and harvest grapes, local urban wineries import grapes or juice from all over the world to make high quality wine at an affordable price. One of the newest to the scene is Littleton’s Carboy Winery. From the unique design to cozy feel, this winery offers an experience to remember.


The winery located off Santa Fe Boulevard is nestled between Downtown Littleton and Aspen Grove and truly is one of suburbia’s hidden gems. Named after containers that are used to store and move liquids, there are examples of carboys  throughout the winery, including the ceilings!  The rustic ambiance, the delicious wine, the fabulous food, makes this winery a hip place to relax and unwind.


When most people think of Colorado’s microbrew or restaurant scenes, they think of Denver, not the suburbs. However, when describing the decision-making process involved with selecting the Littleton location, according to Carboy Winery’s Director of Sales and Marketing and Sommelier Kevin Webber, the “culture of good food and culinary scene, brewery industry, distillery industry, that has been booming in Denver, hasn’t really started sprawling into the suburbs yet. A lot of suburbs [were] complaining they don’t have anything but chain restaurants and really Littleton was starving for something like this.”


While the winery recently opened, this is only the beginning. Kevin tells how Carboy is unique because it has “Colorado’s first vintner’s license which allows Carboy to have a full-service restaurant, retail, full bar, and to manufacture its own drinks.” The winery is attached to restaurant Angelo’s Taverna which offers food ranging from char grilled oysters to pizza. Due to this unique structure, Kevin sees Carboy’s potential. He explains how the company plans to “hopefully open up a second winery within a year.” Carboy officially opened its Littleton location in September 2016.


Carboy offers high end wine at a valued price. Currently, Carboy has 14 wine taps and about 7 or 8 different bottling options. In the future Kevin hopes Carboy will be “able to establish firm roots with a particular vintner (wine maker) and vineyards and really develop style we’re known for.” This could include featuring wine from Colorado’s western slope.


So, what to order. For those who want to try a little bit of everything, tastings of wine are available. Fortunately, Carboy offers something that everybody can enjoy. Kevin goes further to explain how they are able to, “give more than what [customers] bargain for—in a good way.” If you go in to try a glass of wine, you could end up being offered to taste a few others. To Carboy, it is important to let the customer decide and keep pretentiousness out of drinking wine. In the near future, you may even see Carboy available in Littleton or perhaps another new winery in the city of Denver. Until then, grab a pizza, sip some wine, and enjoy everything Carboy has to offer.



Check out Carboy at: 6885 South Santa Fe Drive

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