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Beer aficionados already know that Colorado is one of the nation’s microbrew capitals, but really savy fans of fine beverages also know about its burgeoning wine industry. Although most of the state’s vineyards are on the Western Slope, you can visit about a dozen wineries and tasting rooms to sample unique award-winning vintages right in the Denver metro area. So take a wine tour in Denver on your next free weekend or special occasion!


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This is Denver’s newest wineries. Although its a new winery to the area, from our experience and that of our guests it is one of the best. It boasts an amazingly well-balanced variety of wines (some of the best we’ve tasted in the area). The winery has a beautiful newly remodeled building. To find out more about this winery check out our spotlight articles or their website below.


bonacquisti winery Denver | Mile High Wine Tours

This winery opened about a decade ago in the Sunnyside neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. It is charactarized by lighter bodied red and white wines. Similar to other wineries, this one is located in a very unexpected area. It sits within a strip mall next to another winery and a wine school.

Looking to learn more about Bonacquisti? CLICK HERE to read our spotlight article on them.



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The Infinite Monkey Theorem is arguably the most well-known winery in all of Colorado. It is the only winery in Denver that has expanded to multiple locations int he country, including Austin Texas. In addition, this winery has captured the local liquor market distribution. You can’t go to a liquor store in Colorado without running into one of these unique bottles. They have expanded so much that Frontier Airlines even carries their canned wine. That’s right wine in a can, it’s actually pretty good!

Find out more about this unique and infamous winery in our article below or by visiting their website below.

Infinite Monkey Winery Spotlight Article  | Infinite Monkey Winery Website

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Wild Women Wine Winery is the only winery in the heart of downtown Denver.  Learn more about this winery check out our article below or by visiting their website below.

Wild Women Winery Spotlight Article  | Wild Women Winery Website

Looking for other wineries?

There are many other wineries in Denver. We have about 30 or more wineries in all of Denver (south and north). If you have questions on what wineries we visit on our tours please contact us since they vary from one tour to another.

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