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There are absolutely no tricks needed to make your Denver holiday company event successful. If you’d like to really engage your co-workers, and your valued clients read on for these fun holiday company event ideas. You’ll have the most creative, fancy team-building activities and ways to entertain your employees that we’ve found, here at Mile High Wine Tours.

Most common holiday company event ideas out there can be done on-site at your company premises. But, if you’re angling for a more elaborate event, a day tour, dinner at a restaurant, hotel or resort involving overnight stays is the way to go. Whatever you choose from our list, we’re sure you’ll love it!

Why is a holiday company event important?

Holiday company events are important since it can boost company morale, cohesiveness, and competitive spirit in the workplace. It also increases productivity levels after de-stressing. Moreover, it is a fantastic way to show your clients and workers your appreciation in helping you in accomplishing the company’s mission and goals.

Here are some perfect holiday company event ideas for you


  • Wine Tour Corporate Event

    Going on a wine tour in Denver for your holiday company event is truly a refreshing idea. Denver, as a premier destination for award-winning urban wineries in Colorado, you’ll get to learn about and meet warm, hard-working people from unpretentious and family-owned wineries. Wineries that have crafted their wines for years with love and pride. See the the scenes, processes, successes, and history that they are eager to share with everyone.

    If you’d like to simply host your event at one venue, Mile High Wine Tours gives you access to these wineries and their unique corporate event experiences. Find out more on our Corporate Wine Tours page.



  • A game of Survival on the outdoors

    Usually, this is a pen and paper game, done within the office premises. Make a tweak and do this activity outside and in an almost real-life scenario. This will eventually force everyone in the team to work together while fostering trust and friendship among the team. For example, check this link out for more details.


  • Volunteer outings for a good cause

    If your coworkers would love to dedicate the company holiday for a good cause, there are a lot of charity organizations that can help you facilitate the process. Check out some of the activity they would like to participate in as a volunteer that is available in the city. For example, marathons and outings with local non-profit organizations is a great way to bond with co-workers.

    In fact, Mile High Wine Tours has partnered with an awesome organization,, which aims to feed the hungry around the city.


  • Mixology sessions Plus Crafting

    Want an activity that lets you take home some of your finished work? Why not try out an interactive blending and bottling wine activity? Especially if your palate is partial to some wine flavors. After the event, you will have your bottle custom labeled. Do you know that there’s an event company in Denver that offers two for two?

    Upstairs Circus is worth checking out! Indeed, you can mix cocktails and do crafting at the same time! Choose from leatherworking, jewelry making, and other arts and crafts project! Now that would be neat to take home and display at a future gathering with friends and family.


  • Rent a yacht and go for a foreign and exotic experience

    If budget permits, in case there’s a long weekend foreseeable in the future, why not take your team or clients to a beach paradise? Colorado has plenty of corporate event choices but Playa del Carmen, Mexico also offers some great options for company excursions. Make sure to plan ahead to allow your coworkers and clients to significantly ready themselves and open up their calendars.

    There are a lot of options for goings on out of the country, for instance, check out event providers that rents out yachts so you can do some adventure sailing on the bay, go kayaking and surfing with your coworkers, arrange a day trip filled with lively games, sumptuous food, prizes, and more! It’s time to get that tan so you’ll look good even when in one-digit weather.


Mile High Wine Tours offers the best experience in holiday company events! Check out our corporate wine event packages in detail here.

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