Denver Corporate Wine Tour - It's About Wines and Vineyards.
Are you planning your next Denver corporate wine tour event soon? We have the perfect luxury wine tour just for you.

You’ll experience fine food, superb wines, and spirits, just like you deserve. Especially as we have the best industry partners making your experience all the more memorable.

Mile High Wine Tours wants to highlight the best food and drink that Denver has to offer on your corporate wine tour. You will get a behind the scenes look at Denver winemaking, Colorado vineyards, and wineries in Denver.

We wouldn’t be the highest rated wine tour company in Denver and Colorado without our industry partners. We have been working closely with many urban wineries from around Denver to promote the finest wineries in the Denver metro area.

As wine professionals, we take pride in partnerships aimed at delivering our guest’s first-class wine tours.

We rely on our many industry partners to bring guests the best wine tasting experience. Below you’ll find a brief introduction on where and how Denver’s award-winning wine is produced.

Denver wineries source their grapes from either Palisade, Colorado or California but, they make their wine in-house. The reason is, there are no grape “vineyards” in Denver. However, this does not affect the taste of the wine. Denver winemakers or vintners never fail to deliver their promise to make excellent hand-crafted wine.

Sourcing the best quality grapes at the correct ripeness as well as considering the sugar or “brick” levels of the grape in order to determine what alcohol level the wine can produce achieves that.

The winemaking process from these urban Denver wineries is practically the same as wineries from known wine regions. The grapes are crushed and destemmed, then the vintner ferments the crushed grapes. Once it’s done fermenting, they use a presser to press out the juice grape, some in stainless steel tanks and others directly into barrels and others do both. Leaving the wine until all of the sediment falls to the bottom of their containers and undergoing a second ferment removes tannins.

Learning about this process as you taste wine and socialize can make for the perfect corporate event idea.

Our partner wineries in Denver produces relatively young wines, but some do sell library aged wines that could be 18 or more years old. Your guests, whether clients or staff members will be delighted by the wine.

If your company or corporate group likes wine, these premiere Denver wineries have plenty to offer. We encourage you to check them out as well as booking a tour with us to experience Denver’s urban wineries.

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