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Bachelorette Party - Mile High Wine Tours
A superb Denver bachelorette party planning may simply be the correct blend of city, nature, culture, and an epic night scene to complete the perfect bachelorette party. Denver has so much to offer including mountain views, great bars, restaurants, and a very fun wine industry to blend into any bachelorette party.


As you begin planning a bachelorette party it can be stressful and a bit daunting, especially if you are the maid of honor. Although bachelorette parties are known for being wild we’ve found that the best party experience falls somewhere in the middle of a fun night in the town meshed with other more relaxed activities.


Here are some things to keep in mind as you are finding the perfect Denver bachelorette party planning. It should make the entire procedure more simple and less demanding, with the goal of designing the best bash ever.




Let the bride-to-be have the list of the guest. If you finalize the guest list, you can make a small facebook group chat for brainstorming ideas and plans for the party. You can also set the date, time and location which is convenient for everyone. Having a facebook messenger group will get everyone super pumped for the huge day and will keep everyone in the loop.




The venue must coordinate with your theme for the party. It can be on a beach if you love outdoor and water activities. You can also make a reservation in an exclusive hotel if you’re a fan of slumber themed parties. Or you can simply book a tour in one of the best wineries in Denver and enjoy tasting different kinds of wines.




We recommend offering an assortment of foods so your guest can choose what they want to eat so that everybody will be upbeat during the party! It may be a smart thought to consider any dietary restrictions your visitors may have. Since one of the keys to a successful party lies on your selection of food, you can prepare a small buffet that consists of a main dish, simple to serve appetizers and finger food to have a wider selection for your guests.




There are a few activities that are simply works of art with regards to pre-wedding parties or Bachelorette parties. One of it is the famous “How Well Do You Know The Bride”. This activity is surely a fun one! Print out a rundown of questions, give everybody a sheet to round out, and share your answers toward the end! To streamline the procedure, have the lady round out her own sheet to analyze answers! You can use a photo or facts about the bride as a clue all throughout the game.


You can also include a “Scavenger Hunt” game on your list of activities. This game will engage your guest since they need to get creative, a bit wild and social to solve the challenges.




Of course, to skip all the process of having to plan or coordinate everything yourself, you can hire an all-inclusive event service. Hiring a service that can help you plan, coordinate and host the best bachelorette party in Denver will make things a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Mile High Wine Tours truly specializes in hosting the most epic Denver bachelorette celebrations. CLICK HERE to specifically check out our book on how to coordinate a bachelorette wine tour.

Since your friends and guest may have different palates for wines, Mile High Wine Tours will give you a chance to taste around 30 distinctive hand-created wines. You’ll visit 3 diverse wineries and include a delicious gourmet lunch or dinner. We will make sure that the bride and your group enjoy yourselves on your perfect Denver bachelorette party as you learn new things about wine.

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