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At a loss on what to do for your next company’s team building event? Why not go for a corporate wine tasting?

Wine tastings are a marvelous approach to discover varieties of wines you may not have the opportunity to try otherwise. Organizing a corporate wine tasting event will surely make a great impression and create a memorable learning experience for everyone.

Before you book your next tour, here is a quick checklist to keep in mind to make your experience truly flawless.

1. Make a list of wineries you’d like to visit and plan your experience ahead.

A lot of wineries and other event venues are open seven days a week. But, some are only open on weekends or they have specific times for day and evening tours. While others accept tours only upon reservation.

For larger groups, most wineries only accept tours by appointment. This means you’d want to inquire about your tour at least a month ahead of time, especially during the holiday seasons when these venues get booked up.

Also, if you have specific wineries or venues you’d like to visit, make certain to connect with us ahead to ensure you’re able to go to the wineries you’d like.

2. See it as a casual experience but pace yourself, practice moderation and remember, wineries are not bars.

Corporate wine tours are usually not intimidating and can be more casual and fun. Through a wine tasting company tour, we try to make wine specifically approachable to everyone.

Although, the environments are casual and many times social, for the most part, you want to frame the tour as a learning experience. So, pace yourself and make sure to keep a clear head to fully taste all the wines for the day.

Keep in mind that on a normal tour with us you will be tasting 20 to 30 different ones by the end of the day. That is notably a lot so better save some room.

3. Be sure to significantly obtain the optimum aromas and flavors of the wine.

Swirling your glass is a notable way to aerate a wine’s infinite aromas. However, the polite way is placing your glass on a flat surface as you swirl while grasping the stem.

Holding the glasses by the stem rather than the bowl for instance, will not disturb the temperature of the wine and leaves the bowl clean without the greasy fingerprints.

4. Always Support local.

If you find a wine that you really appreciate and enjoy, why not asking about buying a bottle?

Purchasing wines you have enjoyed is definitely a wonderful way to take the experience home with you. Also, if you adore the bottle so much, why not share it with your family and friends? They would certainly appreciate the gesture. 

5. And lastly, give a generous tip to your guide.

It is important to realize that tour guides make a big portion of their wages from gratuities, so if you enjoyed your experience and the company of your tour guide give them a tip.

How much should you give? Of course, this is totally up to your discretion but, we normally recommend $10 – $20 per person if you are on a group tour. But if it’s a private tour such as a company event we suggest the usual 15-20% gratuity standard. 

Book a Corporate Team Building or Client Appreciation Wine Tour

Mile High Wine Tours offers luxury tours from your hotel, office or home to Denver’s best wineries,  top-rated restaurants, breweries, and distilleries. The tours run everyday with flexible times. They are equally convenient and accessible for parties of any size.

We guarantee an engaging experience to impress your team, clients or any corporate guest.

Did we also mention that we can host wine tasting education events at your location? Learn more about our corporate packages by CLICKING HERE without delay!

CLICK HERE to submit your Denver corporate event inquiry form. There are also one venue options if you prefer to have your event at only one venue. Talk to us if you’re interested in another winery as well!

Our Corporate brochure is out now, complete with a lot of unique corporate wine tasting ideas that companies can book online. We would especially love to hear from you!


Contact Denver Mile High Winery Tours and reserve your Corporate wine tasting today!

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5 June, 2018

This is some really good information about wine tasting. It is good to know that it would be smart to pace yourself. That is a good thing to know if you want to go on a wine tasting tour. I know that I wouldn’t want to get sick halfway through an even.

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