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Allie Kohler

It’s a sip of wine, it’s summertime

Ah, sweet summertime. Here in Colorado we are in the prime of summer. The days are long and sunny, the nights are cool and relaxing, and best of all, a sip of chilled, sweet wine is perfect on any day for every occasion.

Here are some delicious, cooling and refreshing Colorado summer wines that are sure to bring down the heat as the temperature rises.


Rocky Red SV

Silver Vines Winery

Rocky Red



We all know that there is nothing better than a warming glass of red wine on a cold winter’s night, sipped in front of the fire place or in a steamy bubble bath, but don’t be too quick to cross reds off of your summer wine list.  Choose something tart, fruity, light bodied and best served chilled. Here’s a great option from Silver Vines Winery located in Arvada, Colorado.



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Baslistreri Riesling

Balistreri Vineyards

2014 Colorado Riesling



Bring out the taste of summer with a glass of Riesling from Balistreri Vineyards located in Denver, Colorado. It is cool and refreshing, with clean stone fruit and balanced acidity. The great thing about Riesling is that it is both a crowd pleaser and super food-friendly, pairing well with anything from cherry pie to spicy barbeque.


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infinite monkey rose

The Infinite Monkey Theorem




SUMMER=ROSE. The words are basically synonymous. Rose comes in many styles, from Sangiovese or Zinfandel to Pinot Noir, which pretty much just means that there is a Rose for everyone’s particular palate. Rose pairs nicely with summer favorites like burgers, strawberries and seafood, like this one from The Infinite Monkey Theorem Urban Winery located in Denver, Colorado, with a new location in Austin, Texas.


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Frozen Wine

Wild Women WineritaWild Women Winerywinerita mix wild women



Forget the margaritas and head over to Wild Women Winery in Denver, Colorado because when it comes to frozen drinks this is the holy grail. You can even take home a DIY recipe bag to spoil yourself and others with a frozen twist on an elegant beverage.

Who says you can’t stay classy while partying it up with friends?

Not us, that’s for sure!


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