Colorado's wine-making at Denver's best wineries.


The month of May has been a fantastic and busy month for Mile High Wine Tours. We’ve had bachelorette wine excursions, anniversaries and other special occasions. The weather in Colorado as many natives know can be unpredictable and this has been specially true for this month. We have had snow, rain and few sunny clear days.

So, do we actually have 300 days of sunshine?

The answer is no. Colorado doesn’t actually maintain 300 days of sunshine, even though the state uses that claim as an unofficial slogan. The slogan was first written in the 1870s, when a publicist for a railroad company, used the idea to attract people from the East to the West. Since then it has stuck around and maintained by defining a day, as one that has at least an hour or so, and if the day is less than 30 percent cloudy.

However, our weather in the western slope, Grand Junction and Palisade CO is much more temperate. Our warm valleys and plateus, watered by mountain runoff, make it the best weather in our state for wine vineyards to grow. This allows our Denver urban wineries to make truly authentic Colorado wines using grapes from this region of the state. Most of our guests are pleasantly surprise at how different our wines can be. So, although we don’t have 300 full days of sunshine we still grow some amazing grapes to make tantalizing Colorado wines that can be a novelty to a lot of visitors and natives alike.

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