Prohibition: The Road to the Repeal

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Nearly 84 years ago on September 26, 1933, the repeal of prohibition went into effect in Colorado. But before it was repealed, Colorado, along with the other states, had to endure years of being dry. Or so, they had to at least pretend they were a dry state. Through the years of prohibition, people got creative and inventive when coming up with ways to get alcohol. From getting a medical prescription to hiding it in cars while going across state lines, the Temperance Movement never truly succeeded in what it was meant to be.   Maine was the first state to pass the first state prohibition law in 1846, and by the time the 18th Amendment went into effect a […]

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Wednesday Wisdom: Argentinian Wine

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The origin of Argentinian wine dates back to the 1500s. It was in 1551 that the first vines were planted in Argentina. Growers soon discovered that the weather and altitude made for ideal growing conditions. Although the first vines were planed in 1551, it was a slow moving process for wine to progress to its current state. In the early 1800’s, immigrants brought wine with them, and then producing wine became a part of life. Then in 1853, the Quinta Nacional opened, which was the first agricultural school in the country. This helped with the development and care for the vines. By the 1960s, Argentina had winemaking establishments, bottling plants, and a retail network. Now there are over 500,000 acres […]

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A Frozen Drink in Summertime Heat

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  It’s Memorial Day Weekend, and in my mind, the unofficial start of summer (I’d like to believe we’re finally done with snow for the next few months). That means taking advantage of eating outside, reading a book outside, and just generally, being outside. But it also can get incredibly hot during the summer months, which can put a cramp in my outside time. So to stay cool, it’s time to break out the blender and enjoy some frozen drinks. With alcohol. Frozen drinks tend to be so easy and so delicious and are a nice change of pace from just a glass of wine or beer.   There are of course the standard frozen margaritas or frozen rosé, but you’d […]

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Dreary Days and (Wine) Movie Nights

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I will be the first to admit that when I see it’s a cold, gross day, I want to do nothing more than hunker down and read a good book or watch a movie; leaving my house sounds pretty undesirable. So what’s a better way to pass the time on these less than perfect days than with a glass of wine and movie about wine? Just because the weather isn’t good enough to go out and taste wine, doesn’t mean you can’t bring the wine  and knowledge learned home. There are quite a few movies about wine out there, but I’ve shortlisted my favorites and hope they can make your day a little less dreary.   Somm I might be […]

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Wednesday Wisdom: New Zealand Wine

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In the last 40 years, New Zealand has come up as a great wine making country (especially when it comes to their sauvignon blanc). Though they may not be the size of their oceanic neighbor, they use the space they do have to make some delicious wines. Wine making has been around in New Zealand since the 1800’s, but their wine making was filled with obstacles. The first vineyards were actually planted in the early 1800’s and it was James Busby who made the country’s first wine in 1839. While grapes could be grown and wine could be made, there weren’t a lot of people on the island who knew how to make wine. There was also the issue of […]

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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Every 5th of May, people throw parties and restaurants have some kind of discount to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. For a little background on the day, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the anniversary of the Mexican army’s defeat over the French at the Battle of Puebla 1862 as part of the Franco-Mexican War. (It is not to be confused with Mexican Independence Day, which is celebrated in September.) There were over twice as many soldiers for the French as there were for the Mexicans, yet the Mexican army came out victorious. The victory bolstered the resistance, and with the help of the US, the French withdrew in 1867. The day is celebrated every year in the Mexico state of Puebla, but […]

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5 unknown facts about Denver Wineries

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It is often surprising to guests that there are wineries in Colorado, specially in Denver. It is very common that most locals have no clue of the vast amount of Colorado made wine, the amount of wineries in the western slope or in he Denver area. Tourist and locals are surprised to hear the facts of the Denver wine and winery industry. Here are 5 unknown facts about wineries in Denver: 1. The grapes used to produce the wine in Denver come from the Grand Junction and the Palisade area with a small percentage coming from California. 2. Most wineries are located in industrial areas or urban areas. You won’t find vineyards in Denver, only in the western slope (Grand […]

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A MYTH or TRUTH? The month of May has been a fantastic and busy month for Mile High Wine Tours. We’ve had bachelorette wine excursions, anniversaries and other special occasions. The weather in Colorado as many natives know can be unpredictable and this has been specially true for this month. We have had snow, rain and few sunny clear days. So, do we actually have 300 days of sunshine? The answer is no. Colorado doesn’t actually maintain 300 days of sunshine, even though the state uses that claim as an unofficial slogan. The slogan was first written in the 1870s, when a publicist for a railroad company, used the idea to attract people from the East to the West. Since […]

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