Wine is not only for drinking with your meal. You can brine and marinate your meats with it to get that next level flavor your family will enjoy.

By Epiphinae McClennon

Brining your meats is becoming more popular by the everyday cook. Leaner meats benefit from brining because the salt water solution creates an opportunity for the muscles in the meat to absorb the moisture. The ultimate wish for every holiday cook is to present a bird that is perfectly golden, crispy, and juicy. Adding wine into the mix will not disappoint you. By using a wine that you would pair to drink you create a complimentary flavor that creates and experience in your mouth.
To brine with wine, a nice Pinot Noir gives a turkey a wine-hued bronze coating with a flavor that is to die for. The soft fruit notes from the wine with a bit of five spice, fresh herbs and juniper berries create a flavor with a lasting impression. Yummly provides some great recipes here.

White wine also provides exemplary flavor to your holiday bird. If you are looking for a more buttery compliment a nice Chardonnay would give a full bodied flavor where a Riesling is more apple and citrus. You want to make sure you give your turkey at least twenty-four hours to sit in the brine for the best results.
Marinating, like brining is an opportunity for you to get creative with different flavors. An article from Michigan State tells us that the best marinades have three parts; acid, flavoring and oil. The acid is going to tenderize the meat while the oil is going to add moisture and insure a nice crispy skin.

Add wine into the mix and you are sure to win. In the case of a marinade your choice of wine is going to act as the acid. For red meats go for red wines and for poultry stick with a nice white. A smokey Bordeaux would be an excellent choice for a holiday roast. Fully emerge your meat into the sauce, massage, and allow the flavors to permeate through the  meat over time. But be careful not to let it sit to long because the acid can begin to break down the meat too far making it tough. Wine Folly has excellent tips here.

Take a chance to make your meat the center piece of your evening this holiday season.

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