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Denver has been known to have some of the best breweries and distilleries in the country. But if you’re pressed for time and want a quick list of some of our favorites this is the article for you.

Whatever your drink of choice, you are sure to find it here in our list. You don’t have to wade through the city as Denver grows to become the beer Mecca aside from the award-winning wines.

Definitely check out our list below.

Top 7 Must Visit Beer and Distilleries in Denver

1. Blue Moon Brewery

Blue Moon Microbrewery and restaurant is located in a refurbished warehouse in the RiNo (River North) of Denver Metro area. It has been open since  July 17th of 2016.

The high ceilings and the outdoor seating not to forget the post-industrial feel is a welcome setting for great food and excellent service. Check them out!

2. Stranahan’s whiskey

Stranahan’s Whiskey tours particularly belong to the top-selling tours and activities in and around Denver. The distillery also has a unique history behind the birth of the distinctive smooth and flavorful single malt whiskey.

Using the mountain surroundings to their advantage, it sure will be one of the best whiskeys you’ll ever taste.

3. Mile High Spirits Distillery

Mile High Spirits Distillery is the home of premium spirits made from the finest ingredients and is indeed offered at a fair price. Certainly, avail of their distillery tours and get complimentary samples of their Fireside Bourbon Whiskey and Punching Mule.

4. Great Divide Brewery

Great Divide Brewery is surely one of Denver’s first craft breweries and a staple of Denver’s beer scene for over 20 years. It is both a brewery and taproom, they specialize in strong beers with the alcohol content greater than 7 percent. Make sure to check them out on the link.

5. Jagged Mountain Brewery

This brewery is particularly located near Coors Field and the Convention Center/GABF in downtown Denver. So, pretty convenient if you decide on a brewery tour around the area. Jagged Mountain brewery also offers traditional ales plus a selection of adventurous and unique beers.

6. Denver Beer Company

If you want to try the perfect seasonal beer then you should head on over to Denver Beer Co. Using local ingredients while switching out most of their taps on a weekly basis, you will rarely get the same pint twice! Plus, it’s located right in front of the beautiful Platte river and they are in addition, pet-friendly.

It’s also definitely a brewery worth checking out!

7. Epic Brewing Company

Can be found in the heart of the RiNo, Epic Brewing Denver Taproom then is your neighborhood place for great craft beer. They have a great beer selection and a good location, you’ll have to make sure to be prepared for the busy atmosphere though.

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