Scenic view of a vineyard located in Palisade, Colorado. Wine Country. Colorado western slope.

With almost 300 days of sunshine year after year and the refreshing mountain breeze to keep the nights nice and chilly. Coupled with perfect humidity, nature brings beauty, taste and adventure together into the ideal conditions for growing world-class wine grapes that make way for the perfect character and chemistry required to produce award-winning wines. It is the majestic mountains, bright sunshine, and brilliant blue sky that make Colorado such a beautiful state.

When you are looking for the perfect wine lovers paradise, one place you just cannot miss is Denver, Colorado. Home to some of the world’s best distilleries producing some of the finest wines , Denver Colorado is just the place for all you wine lovers.

A trip to any of Denver’s fine wineries, will give a picture of the way the wine industry seems is booming here all year round. More than dozens of wineries flock this city , bring people from far and wide just get a taste of that perfectly hand-crafted wine.

Most of the states vineyards are on the Western slope, those wineries that are located on the front range cater more to the customers directly. Not only do they allow them to taste an array of aromas and flavors of wine but also have education in wine tasting to help people, go back taking with them an experience with wine and not just the bottle ! In Denver you can be sure you’ll have one amazing wine tasting adventure .



Wine tasting in Denver is taken rather seriously in our region boasting a very diverse variety of wine that suits almost every palate and cuisine .

Some of the best known and most relished ones like Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Red Zinfandel, Port and Colorado cherry wines. Whites include Riesling, Viognier and Muscat. Most wines are made from 98 percent Colorado grapes, including some grown on-site.


Grape harvesting in Colorado to produce the best of Denver wine.
Grape harvesting in Colorado for the best Denver wine.


Ever heard of wine made from honey ? Well here in Denver ,Colorado at the Redstone Meadery, you can taste yet another variety of the beverage , only to make you come back asking for more .

Not just the wide array of wine but the elaborate wine tasting sessions held by noted sommeliers around the region or guest sommeliers from around the world are invited to educate crowds on how to appreciate the premium beverage ,is also a reason people love to come by and make Denver, a wine tasting hub.

Most wineries in Denver , Colorado also have shops with both antique and latest wine accessories that could be a part of your souvenir table when get back home.


Colorado's wine-making at Denver's best wineries.
Wine-making in Denver, Colorado

The wine industry here in Denver, Colorado is booming because each producer seems to take that extra mile to make a difference at each of their wineries. Some owners go all the way to the Western Slope to pick the grapes themselves, giving the guest an experience of a lifetime . Some go to the extent of organizing a lot of fun events, including chef dinners, barrel tastings, release parties, farmers’ markets, and wine themed concerts.

Each winery in Denver has their own secret and their expertise which are second to none. Set in some of the most apt locations these urban wineries take the wine drinking experience to a very different level. So whether you want to sit on a porch with your loved one sipping on a perfect glass of wine, enjoying enjoying the sites in downtown Denver or want to indulge in a wine tasting session in a place overlooking the amazing Bear Creek, Denver’s wineries have every setting you can ask for .They are always here, want to visit?

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