Modern winery in Denver colorado. Fun facts photo of Denver urban wineries.
It is often surprising to guests that there are wineries in Colorado, specially in Denver. It is very common that most locals have no clue of the vast amount of Colorado made wine, the amount of wineries in the western slope or in he Denver area. Tourist and locals are surprised to hear the facts of the Denver wine and winery industry. Here are 5 unknown facts about wineries in Denver:

1. The grapes used to produce the wine in Denver come from the Grand Junction and the Palisade area with a small percentage coming from California.

2. Most wineries are located in industrial areas or urban areas. You won’t find vineyards in Denver, only in the western slope (Grand Junction and the Palisade area).

3. For tourists visiting in Denver, know that most wineries ship all over the United States.

4. In December of 2015 the firs Champagne in Colorado will be released in Denver CO thanks to the Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery.

5. Balistreri winery has some of the best gourmet Italian food in Denver.

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