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Colorado wine particularly refers to wine made from grapes grown in the United States’ state of Colorado. Most of Colorado’s vineyards are on the western slope of the Rocky Mountains, though many are on the Front Range. 

Prohibition in the United States virtually wiped out the Colorado wine industry in the early 20th century, much as in other areas.


Eventually resurrected again in the 1960’s, business from commercial wineries grew in 2018. Now, there are inasmuch as close to 150 wineries, including close to 30 cider and 10 mead producers.


Here are the significantly top 5 things to know about Colorado Wine.


1. First, the most popular grapes grown in Colorado are varieties in the species of European grape Vitis vinifera.


Vitis vinifera, in essence, is a common grape vine, native to the Mediterranean region, Central Europe, and southwestern Asia. The grape is usually eaten fresh, or either processed to make wine or juice also dried to produce raisins.

The majority of wines produced around the world come from cultivars of

Vitis vinifera. And in fact, all of the familiar wine varieties belong to Vitis vinifera.

2. Second fact, the most popular red Colorado wine varieties are Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Cabernet Franc

There are three main styles of Merlot altogether. First, is a brawny, highly tannic style made in the profile of Cabernet Sauvignon. Second, a fruity wine with more tannic structure, and finally, soft, fruity, smooth wine with just a hint of tannins.

Fruit notes commonly associated with Merlot include boysenberry, mulberry, olallieberry, blackberry, blueberry, cassis, plum and black and red cherries.

Cabernet Sauvignon flavors are intimately tied to climate and viticultural influences, while
Syrah is instantly distinguished by high tannins, high acidity, blackberry, and dark chocolate flavors.

Uniquely, Cabernet Franc has a tendency to be more lightly pigmented and makes wines with just about the same level of strength and richness. Thus, it is prone to have a more pronounced perfume with notes of black currants, raspberries, violets, and graphite.

3. Third, the most popular white Colorado wine varieties are Riesling, Chardonnay, and Viognier

Riesling wines, in particular, are usually varietally untainted and seldom oaked. 

While Chardonnay tends to have a medium to light body with obvious acidity and flavors of apples, green plum, and pear are highly noticeable.

Viognier wines are probably most popular for their floral aromas, and terpenes, which are also found in Riesling and Muscat wines. You can further taste strong hints of flower and fruit aromas.


4.  Consequently, a number of Colorado wineries were awarded scores of 90 points or above by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

“This mixing with three different rock types and the components of an ancient seabed combine to make well-drained, fertile soils ideal for producing magnificent wine grapes,” from Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

As a result, due to this soil type in the Grand Valley, makes it ideal for growing wine grapes.


5. Finally, in 2017, Colorado Mountain Winefest was certainly voted the best wine festival in the U.S. by USA Today 10Best.

The Colorado Mountain Winefest in Palisade has been voted the best wine festival in the US! A panel of experts nominated 20 wine festivals from across the country and nation’s top wine producing regions.” shared USA Today.

“Palisade in Colorado’s wine county hosts the Colorado Mountain Winefest …unlimited sips from 50 Colorado wineries”. USA Today added, ultimately sealing the deal on the overall result.


Bonus fact: In conclusion, this year,  2018, Wine Enthusiast Magazine named Colorado‘s Grand Valley AVA as one of the Top Ten wine travel destinations in the world, read this especially relevant article here on the link.

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