Mulled Apple Cider Sangria

By: Allie Kohler

Cinnamon, spice and everything you want in a fall sangria is all right here. Celebrating the autumn harvest, cooler weather and changing colors brings with it the best of sangria inspirations. After getting lost in, found and lost again in the maze of Pinterest fall recipes, from Caramel Apple to Fireball sangria and everything in between, I bring to you the top 13 autumn sangria recipes to fall for this season.

Caramel Apple Sangria


1. Caramel Apple Sangria: With caramel sauce, caramel vodka, sweet apples, cinnamon and white wine, this recipe makes the perfect adult beverage to commemorate our favorite childhood fall treat. (via 3 Yummy Tummies)

Autumn Sangria with Pinot Noir and Apple Cider


2. Autumn Sangria with Pinot Noir and Apple Cider: This simple, delicious five-ingredient recipe is a must do for first time sangria makers and drinkers. It combines the best essences of fall with apples, pears and cinnamon. (via The Evermine Blog)


Mulled Apple Cider Sangria


3. Mulled Cider Sangria: This bloggers sangria recipes are so amazing that they made the list twice! Served hot or cold, this sangria will make your house smell just as good as it’ll make you feel. (via A Night Owl)

Pumpkin, Cinnamon & Apple Spiced Sangria


4. Pumpkin, Cinnamon & Apple Spiced Sangria: All Hallow’s Eve may get a little wild and strange when you drink this deliciously boozy potion of bourbon, champagne and pumpkin puree. (via BLDG 25)

Apple Pear Sangria


5. Autumn Pear Sangria: Switch out the red wine for a citrusy white, combine it with sweet pears, apple juice, a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg for a slightly spicy, crisp and sweet sangria. (via Lipgloss and Crayons)

Easy Cranberry Sangria


6. Easy Cranberry Sangria: Of course we can’t forget about the cranberries! This is the cranberry cocktail of the Thanksgiving season and it is just as celebratory as it is delicious. You’re just five ingredients away from being the best Thanksgiving host of the year, or you know, ever. (via A Night Owl Blog)

Sparkling Hard Apple Cider Sangria


7. Sparkling Hard Apple Cider Sangria: Add a little sparkle to your sangria! First combine white wine, fresh fruit and cinnamon, then when ready to serve pour in a hard apple cider of your choice. (via Iowa Girl Eats)

Pomegranate Fall Sangria


8. Fall Sangria: One word: pomegranates. The powerful health benefits of pomegranates will totally justify your first, second, or maybe third helping of this fresh and fruity fall sangria. Actually, just double the batch. Doctor’s orders.  (via Sweet and Savory by Shinee)


Pumpkin Pie Sangria


9. Pumpkin Pie Sangria: Butterscotch, maple, pumpkin pie and wine? It seems too good to be true! Let the kids carve the pumpkins while you sip on them with this fun, festive sangria. (via That’s So Michelle)

Fireball Sangria


10. Fireball Sangria:  The cinnamon in Fireball Whiskey brings all of fall to this sangria recipe and there’s nothing like a little whiskey to get the party started. (via Go Go Go Gourmet)

Autumn Bourbon Sangria


11. Autumn Bourbon Sangria: *Calling all bourbon drinkers* You may have heard about how bourbon barreled wine is all the craze now? Test your taste buds with this sophisticated sangria that combines bourbon, Malbec, plums, cinnamon and more for a drink that even whiskey loving, wine haters will love. (via The Life Styled)

Honeycrisp Apple Sangria


12. Honeycrisp Apple Sangria: Somehow Sally managed to fit every fall favorite into this spectacular sangria. Apple cider, brandy, cinnamon and citrus!? Yes, just yes. (via Sally’s Baking Addiction)

Crock Pot Spiced Orange Cranberry Sangria


13. Crock Pot Spiced Orange Cranberry Sangria: Served warm, this convenient and cozy sangria recipe is exactly what you need to warm up as the temperature drops. (via Will Cook For Smiles)

Can you taste it yet? Sweet spices and fresh fruit in so many ways and combinations that you may just need to dedicate this fall season entirely to sangria, starting with recipe #1 and working your way down to 13.  What are you waiting for? Autumn is here and sangria is calling. Cheers!

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